Bed wetting

 My son who is approaching 13,started secondary school this year and cutting a long story short is now been put forward to be assessed for autism.

My husband and I have felt he is on the spectrum from a very early age but have had barriers to get him assessed ,it’s now more obvious now he is approaching his teens and moving to a school more aware of the traits of autism he was quickly put forward to be assessed 

My concern at the moment is he is wetting the bed frequently,this has been an ongoing issue but we seemed to have a few months break from it.

It was bad when he started secondary school and settled after a couple of months and the times it’s happened in between has been when his anxiety is high.Now he is moving year groups and there is a lot of change I’m wondering if this is affecting him

Im feeling quite alone with it all as he is yet diagnosed and don’t want to attach everything to being on the spectrum so just thought I would ask if there is a possible link?

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