2nd call for a moderator button

Promoting Health and wellbeing - care act.

We need to do something different about calling for help for people on the forum. I have personally seen suicidal behavior on this forum. In the form of ideation, saying what they are going to do. And thrashing, a person who is obviously is pain hurting everyone.

It's fine to have an email to alert the mods. But that may not get used because it invalidates the anonymity of the person using the email to make the request. It also takes a while to get a response. And therefore I suspect does often get used as often.

Also, I feel that the person that needs help should get a direct message. And perhaps not a public one. I don't know. You know "chastise in private, celebrate in public." I think that mods do this so that people know that is has been taken care of. It's the best fit solution.

I have some solutions that require no money, just awareness. And longer term will be required updates to a forum.


  1. we could use the "report abuse button". and write why you have used it in reply to the poster. And let the moderator read the context of the reply.

Or later:

  1. @mods alert to all mods.
  2. visible list of active mods
  3. a suicide risk button

If anyone has any thoughts on the subject please reply below.

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