Does anyone recognise this?

I got very anxious exactly a week ago - lots of things building up over a sustained period of time - and went to bed for the day. Probably what could be termed a shutdown. Laying in the dark silence was helpful, although I felt bad about missing work and not calling in sick (played truant again today, but for a different reason).

On the Friday I got really drunk. I was sick and passed out. This was also anxiety induced, and this was also helpful in reducing it. However, since then I have felt as though my brain is separated from the rest of my body, my eyes don't seem to be functioning as well as they should (sometimes they go a bit blurry, sometimes it feels like they're not really my eyes and I'm looking through someone else's), I keep getting headaches and I struggle to open my eyes in the morning. I've gone from my normal 4 hours to over 8 hours sleep a night, with the compulsion to take a nap during the day (although I can't). I can still function on the whole but I just feel very, very strange.

Do you think this could be the fallout from the anxiety attack, or a consequence of my bingeing (I only had 15 units - recovering alcoholic so very much used to counting my intake in units!)? I'd go see the GP except I don't have one. I was deregistered after a series of heated debates. A new surgery has agreed to accept me but I have to wait for a couple of weeks until I'm put on the system so I'm in limbo and would appreciate if anyone could share a similar experience..? That might help in the meantime. 

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