There are times when I feel that my brain has drowned in water seriously overloaded with information like a computer.

If you have too much information it feels like your drained like a robot.

I hate this feeling, sometimes the feeling makes me feel so dumb and I get anxious.

I'm usually a tree of knowledge but recently because I have sensed so much negative energy around me and my ora 

I feel that I am needing more support and rest than knowledge.

Its horrible when bad things happen sometimes I just feel I am malfunctioning I just I just cant cope.

The problem feels so serious in the exact moment of the incodent and for a while afterwards,

so why do I keep on doing things I feel uncomfortable doing, putting myself in an uncomfortable situation?

Because I want people to think good of me, what for? At the expense of my own enjoyment?

This is known as "procrastinating" and my thoughts just keep on dwelling and going round in £$%^&*(

circles. Do other people feel the circles get really intense sometimes?

Id rather be advocating than sitting in a classroom full of people who arent very pleasant to be around.

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