Angry with everyone and the world

Hello I am feeling so angry with everybody and with the world because I have just read that the human rights organisations do not see some or all things including compulsory military service as slavery or forced labour when it is actually is forced labour and slavery and that the human rights organisations should see something like that as forced labour and that everyone including the human rights organisations should see everything like that as human rights violations and forced labour and that human rights should apply to all of us and that we should all be protected from all things that violates human rights including forced labour/work and slavery and that we should all have more rights as human beings to freedom of choice, to live how we want to live our own lives and for all of us to have more of our own free will too. I really want the world to change now and that I want to do something about the compulsory military service not being seen as forced labour to actually be seen as forced labour as it is forced labour and that it actually does violate human rights. I really want organisations like Amnesty International and the United Nations to campaign for compulsory military service to finally end or be abolished in all other countries like they are already campaigning for the death penalty to be abolished as the military risks lives and creates a lot of war and we don't need war at all and that the military involves killing other people like the death penalty and that two wrongs do not make a right. Also abortion should end or be abolished in all countries too as abortion also involves taking away a human life of an unborn baby/fetus and that nobody has the right to take away another person's life at all in any circumstances.

  • To stop the anger, stop reading the news, online, TV , newspapers.  

    To stay sane, identify what is beyond your influence and control, and accept that you can't do anything about it.

    Find an interest or a hobby you enjoy and try to make the world a better place through that.

  • Ok that is fine and no I am not a male I am a female. Also I do understand what you are saying about abortion happening for lots of reasons like medical reasons in which that is ok but when it is not for medical reasons at all that is when it is wrong and that people should agree more that when abortion is not for serious medical reasons that is when people will say that a woman should not have an abortion when there is no need to take a life of an unborn baby and that everyone needs to stop being cruel, having negative opinions or saying unkind and unhelpful things and that everyone should listen to what I am saying and to change what they say to me in a positive way too. Also I really want to start a campaign and for human rights organisations to start a campaign for compulsory military service to be abolished and to end in other countries.