No support for mental health

Hello I am really struggling at the moment with no support for my mental health problems. It is so bad that there is not much mental health services out there in some parts of the UK like Birmingham for an example as there is a lot of people like me that are urgent and that really need the proper or right support for their mental health and other issues that they have. I really want to be able to tell an advocate about wanting my voice to be heard more by everyone and having the right to get support for my mental health for when I finally do get one after waiting nearly 5 months now for an advocate. Also I really hate it when not everyone seems to get the right support that they need and that is not fair at all as everyone has rights and everyone is entitled to get the right support that they need and that everyone deserves to be treated the same as everyone else and to be allowed to have freedom and to lives their own lives as much as they want. I really also hate it when no one understands me or others with mental health issues or disabilities or conditions at all and that is bad. I just don't know what to do anymore as no one is listening to what I am saying no matter what I say or do. I really hate some people out there that are still unpleasant and nasty and being so misunderstanding of others in what I am going through. Please I really want all of this negatives to end!!!!!!!!