I hate being so different


Last night I went to my school Xmas dance in a big, fancy hotel. I arrived earlier than my friends so I had to walk in and just drift around making small talk with people. I was friendly but people kept ignoring at me and pointing at me. I have never felt so embarrassed and lonely in my life. Everyone was getting photos together and there was me standing in a corner no one bothering to talk to me and me trying not to cry. I eventually left and went and found a chair to sit on and cried my eyes out - I just want to be normal. I thought I could go to that dance and be a normal teenage girl for one night but no. I eventually had to go home because I just couldn't stand it. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice? I am feeling awful today and just wanting to hide and never face my school again, but I have mock exams soon so I have to study but my mental health is really poor right now. I am also feeling slightly angry that no one thought to even just say hi to me or even ask to join them, which was the way I was raised. I try so hard but I just keep getting things wrong. I go to a very academic school and the pressure they put on me is insane. The teachers were all angry at me for leaving and I feel so awful for wasting my mums hard earned money on that stupid dance.

Sorry this was more of a rant!

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated x

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