The saga continues...

A few of you will know about my recent travails at work, with a colleague who - sympathetic at first about my Asperger's - has taken against me.  She stage-managed an incident that led me to have a meltdown after she got the opportunity I know she'd been looking for to shout at me.  I got reprimanded over that, but my employers have taken due account of the situation and have made reasonable adjustments so that I no longer have to work around this woman.  They've also fixed up fortnightly 'catch-ups' with me to make sure all is okay.  I've unfortunately had to report a few incidents of passive-aggressive comments and behaviour - but nothing I can really draw on as 'evidence' of a bullying campaign because they've all been done either out of earshot of others, or in ways that could easily be 'explained away' as something quite innocent.  I know the agenda, though.  I've dealt with this kind of thing enough times in my life.  I almost expect stuff to happen - and I know that, if it comes to a complaint or mediation, I won't be able to make anything stick because I have no hard and fast proof.  She'll deny there's any problem or need for mediation, anyway.  And if it gets that far, then I know the pressure will increase.  She won't back off.  She'll become even more crafty at attempts to wind me up or wrong-foot me.  I know she has the knives out.


Yesterday, on the way to work, I popped into a filling station for diesel.  As usual, I used the opportunity to look the car over.  I know every tiny dent or scratch.  It was clean.  Then I drove to work.  I parked in a small private car park where we have three side-by-side parking bays that we're allowed to use.  I don't usually park in there, and nor does anyone else because there is room along the road.  But yesterday, I did.  I backed into the right-hand bay, so I was facing out when I came to leave.  The car park is enclosed by hedges, so can't be seen from the road.  It can be seen, though, from one window on the top floor of our building.  I happened to be working on the top floor yesterday, and at one point I looked out of the window and saw that this woman had also parked in this bay, right next to me and facing inwards - driver's door to driver's door with mine.  My first thought was that that was odd because she always parks in the road (she arrives about an hour after I do).  My second thought - only fleeting, but there - was that if she's as spiteful as I think she is, she'll scratch my car (she knows it's mine).  The thought came back to me during the day.  In fact, I almost decided to ask for 5 minutes so that I could go and check my car and move it.  But in the end I thought I was probably being paranoid, and I left it.  It was at the back of my mind all day, though.

This woman left work about 5 minutes before I did last night, and when I reached the car park she had gone.  I looked at my car.  There was a V-shaped key scratch in the paintwork, right by my filler cap (where I would certainly have noticed it earlier).  At the level and position it was, it looked like it had been done by someone reaching out of a car window.

Well... you can imagine how I felt, and now feel.  I didn't sleep last night.  This morning, when I got to work, I was in such a state of anxiety that everyone who came in kept asking if I was okay.  I told my manager to keep this woman away from me.  I then rang a senior manager, who knows all about the case, and filled her in.  I said that I couldn't prove anything, of course.  But it wasn't there when I parked, and it was there when I left.  So... if this woman hadn't done it, it would have to have been done by someone else in the short space of time between my arrival and hers.  The SM is going to get in touch with HR about the best way to handle everything, and asked if I'd thought about mediation.  Again.... I said as I said above.  I've been through it before.  It doesn't work with people like this.  They deny there's any problem.  Then they ramp things up afterwards.  I said to her it'll only be resolved if one of us leaves.  And, the way things are going, it'll be me.  My nerves won't take it much longer.  I was feeling so bad by late afternoon that I had to come home.  I couldn't focus on work.

So, now I'm back to where I was.  I have no proof, but a good deal of circumstantial evidence.  Which will mean nothing!  And she, like I said, will deny there's even any problem.  I know she will.  She's bullied other people - including one guy who eventually got the sack thanks to her fabricated allegations against him.  She won't stop until she's driven me out.  And then I'll be another notch on her gun barrel.  The whole episode will simply be dismissed as something in my head.

I don't know where to go from here.  Except sick - and stay that way until they let me go.  I can't think of another option.

Sorry for the long post.  Thanks for reading.