The exercise dilemma

Exercise may be good for you but for me it boils down to finding something I'm comfortable with, ie not too physically complex.

That leaves walking and swimming. With walking I have a limited area I'll walk in . Longest distance is just under 1000 steps there and back. It's the walk to the cafe where I'll have something to eat and drink so I'm probably piling on more from food than I'm taking off via exercise.

I've tried doing the active 10 x3 (1000 steps in 10 minutes) by pacing indoors and it's as mind numbingly boring as can be.

That leaves swimming. I'd need someone to take me to the swimming baths . It's not something I can just up and do.

I used to have an exercise bike but got disillusioned with that when I was putting on weight using it rather than losing.
Have considered a simple step machine but am clueless as to what to buy.