Hey, so there's this misconception that because we're on the spectrum we're either not capable of, or interested in, physical activity. It is an actual miracle that somebody with my co-ordination can actually catch a ball, but sport is probably the biggest factor that has a positive impact on my mental health. Is anybody else here on a team?

  • Hi Patch,

    Not a team, no.  I've never been one for team games.  My hopelessness at football, cricket, basketball - basically, any game (apart from snooker) involving the use of a ball - didn't serve me very well at school!

    Which isn't to say I'm not interested in physical activity.  For 35 years, I was an active and competing long-distance runner.  I also do a lot of cycling and swimming.  I enjoy keeping fit.  Nowadays, though, those activities are only for fitness and enjoyment.  I've done many marathons, half-marathons, 10k, 5ks, cycle races and swimathons.  I also did a biathlon about 5 years ago, and came 2nd (there were only a dozen entrants, mind!)  To be honest, I enjoy it now that I'm not competing, and the pressure to train is off.

    It hardly needs saying that I prefer sports or games where I don't need to be in a team.  I'm happiest doing my own thing.

  • As a child I ran cross country for my county. But I hate sports as such, the winning losing thing. I would still enjoy activity if i was able but I'm not able bodied any more. I used to live cross country running and walking. Swimming (which I can still do but not to the same level) cycling, anything that involves a ball is just not happening.