Any experience with EUPD?

Following a recent hospital admission, I have had ‘EUPD tendencies’ noted on my medical history. I understand this to refer to Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. I have never had this mentioned to me before, nor am I diagnosed with this disorder, so I looked it up online to find out the features of it. Most of what I found did not appear to fit with my experiences, and the features I did have overlap with features of my Asperger’s or depression anyway, which I suppose is why  they said I had ‘tendencies’, but then couldn’t I realistically have tendencies of all sorts of conditions? I think it’s important for me to determine if this diagnosis would be something that would fit me or not, because it would directly affect which psychological therapies would likely be of benefit to me, and for the last three years mental health services have failed to identify a suitable treatment plan for me.

I was therefore wondering if any of you have experience of EUPD and could shed some light on what it means for you? I don’t think I understand it properly from online resources, especially not from the viewpoint of someone who is autistic too, so I would appreciate any personal viewpoints on the topic. Also, does anybody know of any links/overlaps between ASD and personality disorders? As you can tell, it’s not an area of my expertise!