Getting Angry


I am not certain that this is the best section for this but I have a few questions and would be really appreciative if someone could help? I am 20 years old and have recently been assessed for autism and I am awaiting their decision. 

Sometimes I can become really angry really quickly. I feel as though I lose control and want to hit something and want to scream. I can cry, lie on the floor, curl up and become very very frustrated. They have been worse recently. When they happen I hate it and I feel guilty after but at the time I am so wrapped up in what is happening and really feel like I can't come out of it. I know this behaviour is unacceptable. So my questions are:

  • Do people with autism have episodes like this or is this just me not being able to control myself?
  • If anyone else does have them, what do you do to help you come out of the situation and calm down?

Thank you so much for reading my questions, I really hope that someone can help enlighten me.

Thank you :)

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  • I don't get angry very often thankfully, but to be honest when i do it spirals very quickly. I have been known to throw things, break items, hit things. It's usually when i can't find a way to explain how i'm feeling in words. It's pretty rare and i've never thrown something at a person or gone to hit someone, so i'm not too concerned about it.

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