I might not be upon this Forum in Hot Weather...

I joined this Forum at around August/September of 2017, curious about the Internet and "Chat Forums" in general.
(Now I certainly know a lot more about them. Thank You to all upon here.)
I joined just after Summer, when the Weather was cooling. And so my Old devices were able to work as well as myself about this business.
(We are all "Old"/"Outdated".)
Now the Hot Weather is coming back, which *is* quite alright. Yet never so much for myself, and for my Devices, which are my only methods of continuing upon this Forum.
(Yes, We overheat quickly, and cannot cool off. No, We cannot simply all of the time "Use a Fan". Fans themselves get Hot, too.)
...In short - This Thread is a Warning, or is asking if anyone else has such troubles - during Hot Weather: Once it is over 80° Fahrenheit, then all I and my Devices can do is worry much, and then sit and do nothing... except wait for for a little past the Summer Solstice...

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  • My partner had to get an old laptop working again (because this new one doesn't have a disc / CD slot-thing). The old one wouldn't stay on long enough to do anything on, because it overheated (REALLY hot) very quickly. He dismantled the entire thing ...

    remember, I don't know much about these things (computers) so please excuse my use of the wrong terms ...

    he had to lift off the keyboard frame, the keyboard, and the top (including touch-pad) of the laptop around the keyboard to get to the 'motherboard'. They're all attached by three umbilical cord-like tape-things and these are very delicate to remove and re-attach!!! 

    Under the 'motherboard' was the fan and he found it was completely and totally blocked with compacted dust. He used a compressor to suck / blow the dust out of the fan and the 'teeth bits' around it. A vacuum cleaner with a 'doctored' attachment on the end of the hose might work just as well. He ended up with four screws left over when everything was put back together but the laptop works perfectly well now so it's worth a try (?). 

    Alternatively, wouldn't a computer repair shop be able to do this more easily (without leftover screws, hopefully)? Although I have no idea if it would be expensive. Sorry, that's the best I can suggest but EVERYONE knows more than me about these things so I'm sure there will be many more technical solutions arriving here soon.