What services would help?

There are very few specialist services, at least publicly-funded ones, for post-diagnostic support of autistic adults.

Meanwhile we hear figures of between 66 and 80% of diagnosed autistic people have mental health problems, and mental health services are rarely adapted or suitable for autistic people (how many MH professionals even pick up on autism and make a referral?).

What might support you or autistic people of any age to fulfil their potential and to avoid developing depression, anxiety and other mental health problems? What does good post-diagnostic support look like?

What would improve your quality of life if money were no object? What would you communicate to everyone about autism and your needs? Are there any skills that you would like someone to help you acquire? What would you be enabled to do? Design your own therapist or mentor if you like.

(Asking for a friend )

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  • Hi Cassandro this site has been a true life saver for me, I have had some very dark days but being able to let it all spill out to those who have gone through similar is priceless.

    I have received much support and understanding from many here, I also have friends! Yes people on here I class as friends who understand me well and I understand them, we support each other in a way  a NT never could,

    We have unique issues that only another who is autistic can truly understand,

    yes we are all different but we all work as a team in helping each other and sharing as much about ourselves as we feel able to say.

    long may it continue.

    As for resources for adults? I will not hold my breath, I have managed this far so they see me as doing perfectly well,

    The reality is after fifty odd years of tirelessly battling to fit in I no longer have the stamina to mask, 

    thank you for starting this as it makes good discussion and you never know someone up there may just stumble opupon it.


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