The toxic interaction between Autism and Narcissism

I've been looking into psychosocial dynamics of why a developmental disorder and and a personality disorder can be so destructive to the wellbeing of both individual sufferers when in the presence of one another. They appear to operate as polar opposites in terms of dysfunctions of nature.

  • A narcissist project hurt down to others to get them to satisfy their needs.
  • An autist reflect hurt back to themselves into a meltdown of needs.
  • NT's simply help each other with their needs.

The solution to this is to break apart the cycle of suffering that enables the perpetuated spiral of emotionally negative transactions. Physical distancing may very well be necessary to help the situation of toxic transmissions of hate and fear.

Once separated, realisation of ones own grief is necessary to ensure that psychic losses are contained and accepted within the confines of their own environment. Only when awareness of compromised psychic defences has been realised that healing can truely take place without risk of future breakdown. Any length of intervention can only be determined by the end users decision making capacity for their own welfare.

Please note that these are my own thoughts as a male aspie that has been brought up by narcissistic mother for almost 2 decades and is still struggling with the fallout of psych-ache.

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  • It's not just ASD people that suffer from Narcissists, they are the some of the few people in life I'd ever describe as truly evil, they will hurt anyone and anything to gratify themselves, I've one leave a huge trail of destruction in his wake, he didn't care who he hurt and the majority of those hurt by him were NT. He left an ex wife with PTSD, a son so mal-adjusted he doesn't fit in and may well be a full blown narcissist himself etc.

    I'm now aware of NPDs and I wouldn't ever let one worm their way into any part of my life again (the previous one was a boss), I'd also actively shun these people and not interact with them, they are truly evil individuals.

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