Motability scheme for adults on the spectrum?

Hi there need some advice

I have ASD level 2 and i live with my mum im 29.

i cant get bus or train on my own mum takes me everywhere she getting old and tired and stressed. i took 7 years to pass my test because it was hard for me with sensory issues but now am able to drive legally. i cant afford a car because i dont work because of the nature of my disabilities and the issues cause by my ASD and am not in reciept of pip at the moment i will make claim asap. i currently get esa 

I am going to be moving into a flat or house  as soon as we find somewhere so my mum can sell her house and down size aswell as have some space and time on her own now she gets older i plan to live near my mum as she is my primary carer but i am soon getting a key worker to relieve stress from my mum as she cant continue to help as much its making her tired .

for transport i will still rely on her for getting to hospital appointments or for shopping and to get to therapy sessions as i cant get in a car with someone i dont know like a taxi and it took me 2 years to be able to drive with an instructor in the car wich was a huge hurdle i had to overcome. i have been told that i am going to get help to get my PIP sorted out asap, and that there is a possibility to be able to use part of my pip to get a car lease or loan from motability scheme that i am allowed to use to be more independent and not rely on my mum to take me to places 

but even though i am eligible for pip and will be applying asap  i have been told its hard to get the mobility part i would need to be eligible for a motability scheme car. has anyone got experience with this?