Could you identify with what is said on these forums and NOT be on the spectrum?

I just wondered what anyone might think, there is just so much common ground and shared experience among the diversity.  I wonder if anyone NT could empathise with it all.  I can see why NT's might read some of it if they have partners or relatives on the spectrum and they are trying to understand, but I wonder if it makes sense to them. The fact that so many are finding their way here and finding kindred spirits and soul food seems like a form of diagnosis to me.  Anyone?

  • I did a lot of research and soul searching before I braved joining here and dipping my toe in this online water.

    like you said earlier, the reading and researching led to a holy crap, slap me with a brick realisation and things clicked for me and everything seemed to fall into place.

    yes I am married, I have a child, I hold down a full time job...I can act and perform like a "normal-ish" puppet....but often get it wrong and crash and burn at the end of the day....or panic internally...

    no I have not a formal diagnostic...and there seems little support out there for adults anyhow....I don't think that ASD is just a fashionable badge, it is the realisation that you are different, that life, connection, communication and belonging are a massive has meant that some have also sunk into depression along the way, and find it difficult to learn life's rule book and put on that "brave face", that "mask"...and anxiety is everyday 

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