My first post (changes in life how do people cope)

Hi :) Hope everybody is well. I've had asperger's well diagnosed about 22 years ago (35 now)

Now there's been a change in my home circumstances (still live with my folks) but that's about to change. How did people.............handle it? (if they had these sort of things going on in their life) I know...............I have been struggling to be honest (Not going to deny that) especially with all the delay's i've had with this (had pretty bad thoughts I won't go into) I got a call the other day though saying that something had finally been found (looks like I have accepted) but now that's going to likely cause other anxiety's in me you know dealing with the rent side of the situation and obviously how to look after myself (I have been promised support though but not sure as to what extent it will be at the moment)

Hope this sounds all OK...................?

  • If you struggle to recall verbal stuff such as the amount of rent etc you will get in terms of assistance, simply say "please can I have this information in writing", it's a common request and is helpful for you to be able to plan.

    Another good resource is Citizens Advice Bureau who could find someone to help you set up a budget for your expenses. It is OK today disclose to people saying "I have ASD and I might need to ask some pretty obvious questions, because I know there are times when I don't understand simple stuff.

    Although change is scary, can you think of some positive things about your new living arrangements? The one I would find best is only me to make mess!!!

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