Hello - newbie here

Hello everyone. 

Recently joined this community through the advice of a support worker and I received my diagnosis of HF Autism earlier this year.

I have found the whole process a bit of a roller-coaster in that it has been isolating at times, emotional, reassuring and overwhelming at various stages - not to mention exhausting.  I'd reached a point where I was struggling to accept certain aspects of who I am and felt I couldn't explain what I was going through or relate to anyone around me.  My support worker recommended I turn to this community to see that I was not alone and that other people were experiencing and learning to cope with the challenges I was facing, as well as overcoming them or at least managing them better.

I am happy to say that you all seem a lovely lot who I can relate to well, so for that I say thank you for making me feel less like an alien in a human world! 

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