Issues with Lack of Control

I recently had a 'Sensory overload' episode on a level I have not had before. I would love to hear if amyone can sympathise, or has any ideas on coping strategies, but first I will outline the situation:

I have 3 children, ages 13,7 and 4.

Our next door neighbours have 3 children, ages 9,6,and 3

At weekends the children like to play together, and there was at any point between 1 and 6 children in our house at any one time.

I noticed that I was having trouble knowing where my children were, and went and established they were next door. A short time later I had 3 children in my house again, though none were mine. This made me worry as I was unsure where my children were, but felt obligued to monitor the neighbours children in our house. Over the course of an hour the numbers and chidren moved around continuously.

During this my anxiety levels rose sharply and I reached a point where I was paralyzed in the kitchen. There were so many variables and I had no control of any of them. This included where my cildren were, if they were safe, what were the neighbours children touching and moving in my house, what happens if one gets hurt, and so on and so on. I felt bad, as I ended up having to go upstairs and hide from the children, with headphones on and music covering up the noise. I remember episodes fom my childhood, but as a parent this came as a bit of a shock, as it felt like I was rendered immobile by young children. It took around an hour and a half before I was ready to come down, ad I have been avoiding having them in the house, to the point I have started going out every Saturday for 3 hours to avoid being around when they tend to play.

Does anyone have any similar experieces with children, and what did you do? I don't want to send my time avoiding these situations, and I also don't want to limit the fun ad enjoyment my children get from socialising