Explaining ASD to others

One of the things I have found since my diagnosis is the amount of times I get asked to explain what ASD is, and if its the same for everyone.

My usual responce is:

"Everyones ASD is as similar as their faces. There are similarities, all are made from the same basic parts, but there are many differences and each is unique to its owner.

As for mine, I cannot deal with suspence, I have trouble with children as they do not fit my logical view of the world, and I cannot tell if your being serious or not."

As good as this is, I would love to find a better way to describe ASD, because as soon as I tell people they either start setting example situations and asking 'what would you do . . . ' or start seeing if I can tell if they are being serious when they say things. I don't mind explaining, but I feel like I may do an injustice to other ASD people in some way or another, and that what makes me think I am the best ambassador for ASD.

What are other peoples experiences with explaining ASD to others?

Has anyone come across any great explinations that can put more into words?