Can People with Aspergers add Value to business?

Aspergers people adding value to business?

I wrote an article some time ago and published it on LinkedIn.  It asks the question: "Do people with Aspergers (ASD) have a place in business?"

I wrote it mainly out of personal frustration of working for and with people who do not / did not understand the social issues a person on the spectrum can face (and make the neurotypical person 'feel' bad in the process).  Typically, the actual work was overlooked in favour of pointing out socially unacceptable communications.

I remember watching the programme "Lie to me" a while back and thinking, yep, that's how I am.  My wife told me this is why I land myself in hot water!

So, if this article helps anyone and can be understood from a neurotypical perspective too, I am happy to help!