Trying to get a disabled persons bus pass

Hi, Wonder if anyone has an experience in trying to get a disabled persons bus pass in the west midlands area.

I have lived in Weston Super Mare for the past 15 years and come under North Somerset council, where I had a disabled persons bus pass for about 10 years.

12 weeks ago I moved to Stourbridge with my family and applied for a bus pass. I sent them my PIP letter of entitlement and a copy of my most update to date report from a professional which was my speech and language report.

They have replied with emails and ldtters saying that this information is not enough.

My mum rang them to see what they wanted and they just ran through the list thats in the leaflet, not giving her move information. The man on the phone said that Autism/Aspergers wouldn't get a bus pass as they were classed as developmental disabilites not learning difficulties. Mum can't rember his exact words but he said something about people with Autism could be intelligent and get GCSEs and if you had GCSEs you wouldn't need a bus pass.

I attend ASPIE in Worcestershire that is a group for Adults with Asperger Syndrome and everybody in the group except for me has a disabled bus pass. They applied to Worcester for theres and they only had to show their PIP letter and they got one.

When I read the website it said that the bus pass can be used off peak times anywhere in England so then how can it be a different application process for different areas?

I am 20 years old and looking for employment which is difficult to do without a bus pass. Its not just the financial aspect its the getting on the bus and having to find the money, ask for a ticket, have the bus driver tell me its a different price to what I paid yesterday - I find it all too difficult to cope with. If I had a bus pass i could just get on the bus a lot easier.

I do have a driving licence - I was determined to prove people wrong and show how I could pass a driving test (in a manual car too!) but I dont have regular access to a car. Also, I passed my driving test last October and am still not confident evnough to drive in places I don't know and withoug somebody being in the front seat of the car next to me.

I am not a confident person and stress over lots of things - i've had to have help just to write this email! I take regualar medication for stress/anxiety and my doctor has referred me to a counsellor.

Has anybody had experience of this? Does anybody live in the west midlands area and been able to get a bus pass with asperger syndrome? 

I have so many reports/letters from professionals that I feel could back up my application (and in nofth somerset they did) but they all say Asperger or Autism on them and I'm frightened if I just send them off they'll just send them straight back saying no.

thanks for any help/suggestions with this

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