In Desperate need of advice


I'm a 30 year old autistic girl from Wales. It was suggested to me that I could be autistic 2 years ago but I think all my life I knew and my family knew there was something different about me and many areas where I would struggle. 

I'm writing here because I have never lived alone. I've always lived with my family and /or my boyfriend.  The worry I have now is that the time I can live at my family house is coming to an end and I am single. It sounds bad but I think I have only survived this far in life because of having daily support and some others to live with to help me out. I'm facing a reality of having to find a life completely by myself and have no idea where to start. What makes it harder is for the last year I have been in what we believe is autistic burnout and since then I am getting overwhelmed more and more. My family aren't particularly understanding of the possible diagnosis and take a ''just do it'' attitude despite seeing me struggle my whole life. I experience a lot of meltdowns. 

I have had several part time jobs (which were a big struggle), I have studied at university and claimed job seekers twice before. But that is all I know how to do. People have mentioned disability benefits, work programmes, PIP and many other things but the information online is vast and confusing to me. The job centre wasn't particularly helpful either. 

Does anybody have an idea where I should start? Any organisations or charities that can help? I feel like I need to directly talk to someone. 

I should probably mention that I have very poor mental health and a heart condition that the doctors and careers centre are aware of. 

Any advice is very very much appreciated.  I feel like a kid trying to become an adult and I'm also embarrassed about that. 

Thanks for reading :) 

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