How adult is the adult section allowed to be?

What are the rules around that?

  • Someone was discussing and defending their use of prostitutes on the forum, I suspect that others in addition to myself found it an uncomfortable topic, but it wasn't censored as such.

  • I should have guessed. Nothing is censored here. That's probably a good thing for the forum. Even if it makes us uncomfortable.

    Anyway. I am British so I will have to work up the courage to talk about sex on here.  I probably won't in the end.

  • Hi everyone, please can anyone give me advice on pursuing a romantic relationship. I’ve now reached the age where I really want one, I want to get married and have kids.. but I find that I fixate and get obsesses so quickly which tends to push people away and then I get too anxious about the situations. Does anyone have helpful tips and advice? 

  • Things get censored OK. Try mentioning self-harm, even if you're actively discouraging self-harm!

  • [edited by moderator] that usually does the trick!

  • This is just my opinion, but during my time as a member here (approximately 18 months), I have observed that when a discussion strays into truly adult territory, it can result in getting heated quite quickly. For some, it can just be too triggering, especially if they have had traumatic experiences in the past.

    I can't recall if it was last year, or earlier this year... A former member had asked a question about a deeply personal matter, relating to a solo adult activity... I'm trying to choose my words carefully here. In addition to causing amusement amongst some members, it also caused a lot of upset and demands from some members for the moderators to completely remove the discussion.

    If one takes the time to look, one can stumble across some really open and frank discussions about sex. Only a few days ago I happened to find one that was created about 3 years ago. From my perspective, I found it refreshingly honest, and I thought it was great that the members involved felt comfortable enough to be as open as they were.

    I just don't think it would happen now without someone taking offence and objecting.

  • Rofl

    That's not very nice Caelus, and probably the least effective way of finding a partner... The idea isn't to end up killing them but to commit to spending the rest of one's life with them. Lol

  • Well the forum rules declare no graphic or obscene material. These are of course extremely nebulous terms.

  • - The best advice I can give you is to take your time getting to know the other person, and not rush the relationship. I've learned the hard way that if one becomes fixated with someone to the extent of putting them on a pedestal and everything revolving around them, it is likely to end up in disaster.

  • buy some duct tape and chloroform. that usually does the trick!

    Bad taste joke of the year prize to you Trophy