Random question but why do middle class people pretend to be working class when there not

I know a few and it's really annoys me for some reason no idea why it greats on me either being from a middle class back ground myself but unedcuated so have to do a working class job when I do get back into one. Think id discribe myself as mudle class. I say be proud of your class and hertige why hide it out of fear or embrasment no matter what class you are and those who denigh there even is a class system are usually the ones who hate people for there class.

  • Which class did these people grow up in? With the rise  in access to degrees, particularly when fees were minimal  I think quite a lot of people who grew up working class now earn middle class salaries. I started out earning considerably less than I do now and worked my way through. Or do you mean people talking in slang and drinking/smoking etc giving the appearance that they’re not as well off?

  • I think working class people try to be middle class too

    personally, I have always felt out of place with both working and middle class. I grew up poor and in a rough area so I feel like middle class people look down on me but at the same time I have quite a middle class accent and some interests so I feel I don’t fit in with working class people either 

  • There is a general race to the bottom in Britain these days. People can't bear to be seen as 'posh' or 'experts' at anything. They seem to want to be as uneducated, 'common' and ignorant as they can.

    I do not know why this is. I speak properly and I'm intelligent, therefore I get jeered at, called 'Professor' etc. for just living a normal life. I feel pressurised to pretend to be stupid so people don't make fun of me.

    Some decades ago, people tried to 'better themselves' e.g. my granddad and grandma, who left school at 14 and spent the rest of their lives educating themselves to know more and understand more.

    Times have surely changed.

  • I grew up in a working class family in a working class area but have good qualifications and a higher than average paid job. People would likely see me as middle class, but I don't feel that way and have faced a number of barriers. Some employers with a lot of competition for vacancies now ask questions about your social background to put your achievements into perspective, which I think is a positive thing. I think there is a difference between a 2.1 degree from someone with no family support (emotionally) or financial backing than someone who is encouraged and financially supported by a family that have been to uni themselves and value education. 

    I don't know what I am or what I really want to even be in this world. 

  • Middle class that's why it annoys me even more. Bare in mind I have punk/metal values so can't understand it myself. 

  • Yeah I'm kind of with you on that even though most of my freinds are working class but I kind of feel like the outsider at times. Why I don't know but it's a confusing one. But it's kind of a slap in the face to those who are middle clas when the middle class pretend to be working cause it's just like saying we're afraid or don't want to be classed as middle class but want to fit in so pretend

  • Yeah I feel like that in the work place or when I'm football I guess otherwise I won't fit but I'm to stubborn to accept working class ways as I can't stand liberals or left wing politics in genral. Britain seems to be a very classist society these days.but it's like being stuck between a rock hard place a classless society would result in Maxisum maxisum then leads to comunisum then we're screwed but being in a society that is biast towards classes also sucks 

  • See I have barely in qualifications. All I got in my GCSE'S was a C in Science and food tech but then again I didn't care for school or apply myself as back then they didn't realize I was ASD and ADHD so didn't know how deal with me. They just assumed I had learning difficulties rather than a disability. People assume just cause Autistic that grants you supper powers and a high IQ but in reality depending on what end of the spectrum your on your not. I'm intelegent on some level just not interlectual. But all my freinds who were working class got help and support even extra income but because I was from a middle class background and sounded well spoken my autism was over looked now I'm not really sure what class I am or how the system works as I myself and am unedcuated and don't earn very much when I do eventually find a job as minum wage is about a grand a month. This is why it kind of puzzles to an exstant.

  • Class is a nebulous concept. How do you measure it? Wealth? Yearly income or savings? Whether or not you went to university? My Parents worked as a nurse and an accountant. My father the first in his family to go to university and my mother never went. One side of the family was from a rural area. My grandfather was a traveling salesman, his wife a nurse. My mothers side we know little about but their family had been wealthy industrialists once but had fallen on hard times and her youth was a very frugal one. So what class am I? My dad has always put on airs and graces, became president of his rotary branch and the chamber of commerce, but we grew up in one of the roughest parts of our city. I've been mugged in my local park, threatened with guns by drug dealers. I've been on benefits, my brother still is. Yet he has a good degree and I have a PhD. Grandfather worked as salesman, a cog in the wheel of their corporate machine for a pittance just to send his only son to uni then to save till he could start his own business. Then he died shortly after starting it.

    What is class? Owning your own house? Used to be buying your council house was a big step towards becoming 'middle class'. I can't afford that and my job is better paid than most who did. Is it going to uni? Almost 50% of people go to university now. Class is meaningless. Wealth is period specific, Wealth in the 2020s is not the same as wealth in the 80s. Fewer and fewer people can afford to save now or put money into property. It's going to be a huge issue when this generation gets old because they will also be the generation where the government realised pensions were unaffordable and started to squeeze them. Middle class, working class? unless we take drastic action now they'll find themselves side by side in the same run down retirement home abandoned to rot by society.

  • Yeah I find it irritating when people who are quite privileged will say "I went to a *** state school" to try to seem like they are "one of the people" or something. Politicians e.g. Boris Johnson like to pretend they are less privileged than they are too, in order to get more votes from the working class. 

    I would say I'm from the middle class but I don't really care what class other people come from. I have friends from more privileged backgrounds and less privileged backgrounds than myself. It's your intelligence and how you use it that counts.