Private diagnoses for adults


I wonder whether anyone can offer advice about private diagnoses for ASD in adults. I've recently sought a referral from my GP, who informs me that the services in my area are overwhelmed, and that it is likely that it will be at least six months for them to make a decision about whether they would accept a referral, and a significant period of time thereafter to make an initial appointment. I feel that I may be in a crisis before that point. Therefore, I'm considering requesting a private diagnosis.

I've looked at the services listed on this website, but I find it confusing to know what to look for, particularly when the website makes clear that inclusion doesn't indicate recommendation. Also, there is a significant cost involved in some of the bodies I've researched. Is anyone able to offer some advice about points to consider when considering organizations offering a private diagnosis? For example, how I can ensure that the service is bona fide and whether the cost is reasonable.

Thank you.

  • A good clue to a provider being kosher, is if it is registered with the NHS, Then look at the qualifications, experience and professional body membership of the clinicians.

  • Thanks both for your responses, both sound like good advice. I've found some local services and have asked the doctors if any diagnoses they would make would be accepted by the NHS. I've also asked about their qualifications. I'd prefer to utilize NHS services, but my GP said that in all likelihood, nothing would be available for years, which I find incredible.

  • Yes, it's 'pay or wait', unfortunately. Successive governments have allowed funding for mental health services to wither to the point that they are no longer fit for purpose.

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