Private diagnoses for adults


I wonder whether anyone can offer advice about private diagnoses for ASD in adults. I've recently sought a referral from my GP, who informs me that the services in my area are overwhelmed, and that it is likely that it will be at least six months for them to make a decision about whether they would accept a referral, and a significant period of time thereafter to make an initial appointment. I feel that I may be in a crisis before that point. Therefore, I'm considering requesting a private diagnosis.

I've looked at the services listed on this website, but I find it confusing to know what to look for, particularly when the website makes clear that inclusion doesn't indicate recommendation. Also, there is a significant cost involved in some of the bodies I've researched. Is anyone able to offer some advice about points to consider when considering organizations offering a private diagnosis? For example, how I can ensure that the service is bona fide and whether the cost is reasonable.

Thank you.

  • Hi first time replying on this site so jumping in. I have just have a private assessment the NHS wait was 2 to 3 years. i was lucky to have the name passed to me by sum one how had been assessed by them. the psychologist worked in the NHS and said so on there web sit and should be happy to take about there back ground. The cost was £600 which is the cheapest I have found got a full report with his NHS regression number. I did have to drive 2 hours but could have had it over zoom but face to face is easier for me. i would say it has been the best £600 i have spent ever. hope this helps, ps sorry about the spelling dyslexic as well 

  • A good clue to a provider being kosher, is if it is registered with the NHS, Then look at the qualifications, experience and professional body membership of the clinicians.

  • Thanks both for your responses, both sound like good advice. I've found some local services and have asked the doctors if any diagnoses they would make would be accepted by the NHS. I've also asked about their qualifications. I'd prefer to utilize NHS services, but my GP said that in all likelihood, nothing would be available for years, which I find incredible.

  • Yes, it's 'pay or wait', unfortunately. Successive governments have allowed funding for mental health services to wither to the point that they are no longer fit for purpose.

  • You are aware of " NHS RIGHT TO CHOOSE" which allows private organisation who are under the scheme to diagnose you free of charge thanks to the NHS and the waiting list for their organisation is often less the three months. Unfortunately they do not provide post autism support and therapy but you can self refer once you have the diagnosis to your local autism services for post autism support. 

  • Thanks Blue, I'd never heard of that. I'll do some research and see if it's available in my area. Given the cost of the diagnosis, it would be a good option if available.

  • Hi could you please tell me who this company is? I can save up that sort of money in a few months, been waiting 20 months on the nHS so far.