Care plan

Has anyone got any advice on how to fill this in as my social worker has sent me a copy to fill in and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed 

  • Couldn't you ask the social worker to walk you through the process of filling it out? I mean anxiety about filling out forms is understandable, since it's an important document, so if you have any questions about the form you should ask them. 

  • I think they are supposed to do it. I have never had to do that.

  • Perhaps the two of you should work together filling it out.

  • Hi,

    I'm a qualified social worker and some local authorities do this because they have a "self-directed" approach to making assessments personal. 

    You don't HAVE to do this assessment form perfectly and they should still have a conversation with you about your answers and add to it. In the LAs I worked in I only gave people an assessment form prior to me seeing them so they knew what sorts of things I'd be asking about and it was optional if they wanted to write on it and give it back to me. I don't think I ever had anyone do their full assessment! 

    If you would like any help then let me know. My advice to anyone is to fill out any assessment form with your most difficult days in mind, but also include things that you can do or enjoy too. If you just jot things down in each of the domains then I'm sure that would be fine for your social worker to work from. 

    I think NAS may have some resources on Care Act assessments too, and another useful assessment resource to look at is their stuff on PIP claims because they're sort of similar in the things that they ask and it'll give you different pointers of how to tailor assessments for autism. Bear in mind these assessment forms are usually generic and geared towards more physical and visible needs than autism, and every question might not relate to your needs either. 

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