All my posts are being monitored ?

After making a non pc comment i now can't post it adds me to a que then it never gets uploaded.

  • It's interesting how the immediate reaction to the censure of posts and accounts is that the people being offended are to blame. How about just not making posts and statements you know are likely to offend? 

  • but yet what if the post you got offended at and reported them for, is actually their post of taking offence at what you origonally posted? lol this can go both ways.... the posts you will take offence at maybe just firey posts in response to them being offended at what you posted, then whos to blame? haha

  • I think that we all need to calm down on here, Caelus, myself included. This is a support forum. There's a time and a place for 'radical' opinions.

  • You don't need "psychic powers". You need to expand your abilty to Reason, investigate, Understand properly. But again, if you're not intersted in kindness, then don't bother. because those are acts of kindness.

    An inabilty to reason can impact the foundation of Justice: another thing which has an element of human kindness. 

    Your responses are so Reactionary. How do you you even have time to think about and thought-fully process what's being said. If you re-read what I wrote, the "Code of a group of humans", I was taking time and being intentional with my langage. 

    You don't get to be Completely reckless and careless and not take the time to Try and Understand AND ALSO say you're a Victim. 

  • i reason alot, but when people are talking in riddles then that really isnt my fault. 

  • I don't think we're using the same defintion of Reason. Maybe look it up?

  • oh by all means, i change my opinion based on other peoples arguments with me, therefore i am reasonable.... those that never change and expect others to change are unreasonable and are like talking to brick walls. i dont think reason or unreasonably even has a place in this though as there is only weird wording and misunderstanding.

  • I'll say it again 

    You need to be properly diagnosed. Your response is 100% NeuroTypical thinking. 

  • likewise i think yours is that too because your words are too forked.... and it really is hard for a person thinking literally when your words are all weird and not making sense thinking literally.

  • It always seems like spergs are either ultra far left pro LGBT 110 genders or right wing. I know what i am.

  • Literal is one thing, but this is not how you've responded.

    You use too many analogies. You are incredibly concerned with competitiveness and mind-reading.

    Again: Get a proper diagnostic. It's better to be 100% sure you're getting the right help and not simply a reckless undisciplined Neurotic heading toward Psychotic. That would requrie a completely different roap map to "Healthy". 

    But, to quote, you don't really care. So why are you here?

  • not sure where i say i dont care as i clearly want help and never got it in life while people who never need any help get all the aid to make their lives privileged and perfect even more so.

    not sure what you want here though, tbh im not even sure what you say most of the time because your use of words is odd, i think you once said you learned how to use words aesthetically if that was you?.... id get your money back from that course because aesthetic wording isnt comprehend-able at all and no one understands it lol hell my wording is bad and hard to understand at times, but i didnt get a course to make me this way aha totally get refund off any course that makes you less understandable..... of which why would someone take such a course like that? to be more competitive socially?? ..... seems you project everything about yourself onto others...

  • I've understood, and agree with, all you've written. It's very plainly put. I've had the same thoughts as you, re: NT behaviour, reactions etc. 

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