All my posts are being monitored ?

After making a non pc comment i now can't post it adds me to a que then it never gets uploaded.

  • be nicer/kinder I guess Slight smile

  • What did you say to offend?

  • I'm sorry to hear that. There are a lot of autists on here who seem to react to things people say in an even more irrational and aggressive manner than the average neurotypical. 

  • Irrational, to you.

    Perhaps it would be wise to acknowledge that, regardless of your own views, there are others here who will feel offended, undermined, and targeted by some of the words used and the things people say.

    I'm not transgender, I have no dog in that fight, but when I see words like 'Tranny' being used in an environment in which there are transgender and LGBTQ users I start to understand a bit better the world they have to live in, the sort of comments they have to endure by people with their 'opinion' they have to make everyone aware of. 

    This place is supposed to be welcoming, inclusive, and aware of the fact that it's users have quite unique differences, not a place where people come to be told that if they take offense to something it's a result of an autistic fault, rather than becauss they're a sensible person capable of reason and rational thought. 

    You talk of people being aggressive... I personally have stepped away from debates with yourself and others because I acknowledge this is a forum for autistic people. Had I not given people the courtesy of remembering they are autistic I would have reacted in the same way I do with anyone else spouting the same right wing clap trap while at the same time not having the bravery to identify themself as right wing, preferring anti-woke, or anti-PC. Personally I don't consider myself to be either of those things but I'd rather wear those badges than the alternative. 

  • Yeah - sounds like someone has reported you for abusive posts.      There's a couple of nasty people on here playing games and reporting directly they get butt-hurt - poor impulse control.

    Others wind up their "flying monkeys" over pm until they pop  - telling them that everyone is attacking them until they report people.

    You're in a time-out for a couple of days.

  • meh i had a few of my comments removed but i dont get added to a que to comment.
    i even had someone report my profile and the mods approved my profile but with editing some stars into it for the odd word or 2 haha

    fascism is the new trend among the ones that think they are the side of virtue and morality. such people who do that will birth the very same society that they claim they are against.

  • If you know it's non-PC then why did you say it? This is a support forum for Autistic people, not somewhere to air aggressive political opinions.

  • I feel this. I'd rather be accused of being a 'snowflake' than air aggressive political opinions on a forum that is meant to help, support and protect Autistic people.

  • It's interesting how the immediate reaction to the censure of posts and accounts is that the people being offended are to blame. How about just not making posts and statements you know are likely to offend? 

  • Agreed! So much gaslighting goes on. It's easy to victim blame because victims will sit there and take blame due to being beaten down. Even the 'strongest' of us gets hurt by the words and actions of others. All those crying 'snowflake' get hurt/angry too, or they wouldn't say the things they say. They need to own that anger.