Off work


I had a meltdown in work three weeks ago and have been off work since. There had been some changes to my job and I just couldn't cope. My sick note runs out on Thursday. My doctor recommended that Ocuppational Health are involved. Work referred me to ATOS for 'telephone counselling'. When they contacted me they said it was most likely to be with someone who has no exprience of Aspergers and no specific knowledge about my actual job.They agreed with me that Occupational Health should be involved first. I have emailed my manager this.

I am really worried about going back to work. I don't want to go. I am just about keeping it together not going to work but everthing seems too much. I am just about keeping my depression at bay. I am anxious all the time. Home doesn't feel safe, I struggle with the noise from the neighbours still. Everything seems such a mess and I don't feel able to change things.

I have been keeping it all together for the past forty years but it just doesn't seem sustainable and I just can't manage. If itwasn't for my girlfriend I would be in an even worse position. I feel bad that I am being so useless and depending on her so much.

I don't feel in the best place to try and sort the problems at work out.


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  • If they had given you more warning of the changes, and a chance to ask questions about them, so you could prepare yourself, would that have helped?

    Could you make a list of the things you find too difficult, for you to discuss with Occupational health or your manager if you think he will listen?

    Is there a person at work you could trust so you could just have a chat with before you go back, so you don't feel quite so like you are walking into a lion's den?  I hope you find them more supportive than you think they will be Smile


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