Anyone diagnosed as an adult?

Hi complete newbie here. 

im wondering if anyone has been diagnosed as an adult? 

I’ve always known I was abit ‘quirky’ as some say about me. But in the past few years I’ve started to mask less and just be myself even around family and they’re noticing things now. 

Does anyone else get overwhelmed easily? Sensory overload happens a lot. I struggle with a lot going on and rock a lot to allow my to understand or take in what’s being said to me etc this has definitely started showing slot more recently. 

I find something I really like and then have to learn everything about it. Where it started? Why? What’s the reason it? When did it originate? I read fact books and then become so overwhelmed I end up flapping and getting myself into a state. I’ve come to realise I’ve masked so much over the years growing up that now those coping mechanisms I created are now not working so well as they once did. I have this urge we’ll need to understand myself and this is definitely making me think about pushing for an assessment. 

I crave routine and absolutely hate change!! It takes me months to get used to a change, this has definitely heightened in the past 2 years or so. I know even as a child I’ve always hated change anyway.

has anyone ever been diagnosed in their 30’s? Where would I begin? 

thanks if you reached the end 

  • Does anyone else just zone out too? I’ll be half way through a sentence or will be discussing something and i’ll forget and my eyes dart around the room trying to regroups myself to carry on. I feelo stupid when it happens Pensive

  • I do that, quite a lot, followed by a nervous laugh.

  • I'm 36 and was diagnosed just 2 months ago, so I've not even had my post-diagnosis follow up yet so I'm a bit new to this. Go speak to your GP and ask for an assessment. It is quite a long waiting list though, my wait was 12 months, but I have heard up to 2 years.

    Yes I zone out, half way through me talking or someone else talking. I have also masked for years and now struggling to hold them all in place, but the scary thing is that my mask has been on so long I'm not even sure what's under it.

  • I end up having a neck spasm and my neck will just keep jolting back several times. It’s so hard Cry

  • Thankyou for your reply. I am so scared to go to my dr. What if he thinks I’m just being silly PensiveFace palm I want to understand myself. I want to read up on me and find out how to help me and why these things happen and I feel the way I do. 

    it’s good to know people are still being diagnosed in adulthood. What did they do at your assessment? If you don’t mind me asking?

  • I'm at a point where I'm not entirely sure who the real me is. It's possibly partly caused my anxiety. You often hear people say they're looking for themselves, I'm not sure if I'd recognise me if I found me.

  • I find it hard to get back on track again.

  • Oh bless you.  It’s a hard place to be in. 

  • I was advised by the Mental Health team to ask my doctor for an assessment. He just replied 'Oh, I thought you had already been diagnosed' so perhaps my masks were never any good.

    The assessment was scheduled for 90 minutes over zoom, but they diagnosed me within 45 minutes because I already provided them with enough evidence - whatever that meant.

    They can and I was expecting them to contact my Mum to ask about my childhood, but they didn't.  They just asked questions about me and my childhood

  • I hear you, I have issues with anxiety and depression as well. I've no idea who I am or even how to find myself, surely one of these masks must be me. I hope you do feel better though and soon