Shutting Down

I’ve had problems for years with just zoning out or completely shutting down. There have been a few times where I have become overloaded with everything going on around me, either a build up of weeks or days or just from that moment. 

Does anyone else get this? 

One example was when I was in school. One minute I was fine and the next I felt exhausted and couldn't move or speak: 

I went to school happy, but during my first lesson, a boy was being really loud, then the walls were cracking a bit, and during the lesson (which is 45 mins long) there was a lot going on. But after that it was break and then everything was was getting louder and louder. The lights were getting brighter and brighter. One other boy came in and there was a lot of movement and I can't handle the sensation of people walking around. (There were only 2 boys in the classroom). 

After an hour of torture, I had P.E (which I love) but it was then which I was sat in my chair with my hood up to block out the lighting, with my head in my knees. When the teacher came in I couldn't move or talk. If I really really had to, like it was an emergency I could but it takes a lot of effort and feels impossible. 

Has this happened to anyone before?

  • I feel for you. All I wanted to do at school (many decades ago) was to learn. My regular classes were filled with disrupters and it basically marred my early education. I eventually got above average but I often think what I could have learned had the opportunity been there to do so without the continuous and perpetual disruptions.

    I strongly urge you to approach a year head or some such tutor and also a school medic and explain how you are being prevented from getting the most out of your education because of the disturbances. Can you be moved to a more accommodating class? Can your seating arrangements be changed.

    Be completely open with them and hopefully it will make things better for you. Without saying anything to anyone, they cannot read your mind. Better said and ignored than unsaid and left to suffer. Incidentally, if they ignore your predicament, go to their superiors. And keep going to superiors all the way up the ladder until something is done.

    Good luck.

    EDIT - think I missed the mark on this but reluctant to remove as is advice I wish I'd had in your situation at your stage of life.

  • there are dozens of people in here who suffer from shutdowns.  I have one per day approximately,, each one is 30min -  1 hour long.  Recently I have learned to control them by replacing them with a regular Zen Meditation which control with an egg timer 20 - 30mins, at lunchtime each day.

    I mean if I do a meditation each day the shutdowns  95% disappear ----- if I dont meditate they occur 6 times a week approx.

    In my shutdown i get very tired exhausted,, cant keep my eyes opened, I cant stop them ,, I sort of pass out. Its like I go into a very dark hole/unconsciousness -- but  there are many different versions of shutdowns.. When I wake up Its like I have been reborn and i can be very wobbly confused/upset for 10 mins.

    Above in your text,,,, You actually have described a very classic shutdown.

    I created a collection of shutdown accounts  here in this very forum

  • Thanks. It is only me and another 2 pupils in the class with our teacher and I have a LSA (Learning Support Assistant) with me all the time. I see someone during school every Monday to talk to about problems and achievements. Unfortunately, I can't be moved because of Covid-19 but I'm sat by the door so I can leave when I need to. Luckily for me I'm intelligent and can easily catch up with learning but like I said it is harder to learn with students in the classroom. Teachers are also aware of my warning signs when I'm getting overwhelmed which is also amazing. 

  • Thanks. I'm sorry about you and your shutdowns. I will read your collection of shutdowns. 

  • thanks but i'm ok with them now