Employment issues

Hi I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place,

I'm having problems at work, to the point where I've no choice but to leave.

Basically no adjustments or consideration of my ASD and adhd.

My work emailed waiting to know that I felt I'd been treated fairly, which I don't. I had not planned to raise this with them, just to go and draw a line.

I've spoken to ACAS, family, but wanted the view of people who have similar struggles that I do.

I am at such a point, that I don't know how I feel, how to react and even what's acceptable or normal just now.

Any opinions on the situation would be welcome, 

Thank you.

  • If you haven't raised unfair treatment with them then it may well be worth at least having that conversation. If you're planning to leave anyway then you don't have anything to lose. Just go through their formal routes, make sure you're polite and respectful to the people you engage with, avoid blaming people and make it clear that you're not trying to cause trouble.

    Towards that, articulate events in a simple factual "This happened, and the impact on me was.." That way you can keep the emotional descriptions to the impact on you, and come across as professional and grounded regarding the events themselves.

    They'll want to know what you want, so plan ahead before speaking with them. If you're leaving anyway then you maybe have little you want or expect from them, but one reasonable request is that they review and understand how their processes and policies have forced out someone disabled, and seek to make appropriate adjustments for the benefit of their other employees. If there are reasonable adjustments they can make that will directly benefit you then obviously you can ask for those, but that assumes you'd prefer to stay.

    Whether you do talk to them or not, it's an awful job market at the moment so consider whether staying until you find a new role might be an option.

  • Honestly, when does that ever work out for the autistic individual. the majority of the time the process is used against the autistic person. Unless the autistic individual is highly skilled and competent at their job the employer isn't going spend money or even think about making any reasonable accommodation or any reasonable adjustment.

    Raising the issues is only going to end up with the individual being managed out of the job and struggling to finding another meaningful employment opportunity. Employers have many means to get around removing employees they don't like without breaking the law and the equality act.

    What you need is for some sort of organisation or Union to help support and witness to support any claims you make against your current employer. You need to beware that leaving a job from a company that has outside connection of their own business can lead to career suicide and impact finding future employment. Your current co-workers can also sting your employment opportunities elsewhere.   

    Unless you are physically disfigured or intend to continue working for your current employer any legal battle or settlement can deter future employers.         

  • My settlement included what would be sent as a reference and as such I have the right to see them.

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