Help for High Functioning Adults


This is the first time, I've written on here although have debated trying to get outside help for a while. The help isn't for me. It's for my older brother who is turning 30 next year.

To give you some context.. Jack is registered Blind as well as having Asperger's Syndrome, he's passions in life revolve around gaming, computers.. Some aspects of Jacks life have succeed all of our expectations and I honestly couldn't be prouder. He has a degree in Computer Science, a Masters and now works for Cisco a Software Engineer - he even bought his own flat last year (although still lives with my parents). The one part of Jacks life which is missing, is companionship. Apart from work, he doesn't speak to anyone outside our immediate family. Before 2020, he would gain little bits of social interactions from travelling on the train, or meeting his personal trainer. But good old Covid has put a stop to that. If I'm honest, i'm extremely worried for his mental well being, Jack used to have extreme burst of anger and melt downs as we call them. But now he appears sad, he's sad he hasn't got the any other relationship or personal interaction outside of our family. And all he wants is a friend - someone he can talk to. 

So, my ask is.. if there are any like minded computer/gamers out there or anyone who would just like a chat or friendly/safe online communities/chat rooms please let me know. As I know, Jack would love to get in touch. No one should feel alone. 


Jacks little sister Ella.

  • Discord  is full of gamers  who are only too willing to chat. thousands !

    we have one here  for adult autistics it just new so there arent many ppl there  but it is likely to grow. 

    tonight i'll have a look for blind people groups but there is no shortage of gamers

  • well i only find gaming cool and computers 

    I love creating Microsoft powerpoints and writing my own stories

    I don't play games 

    but I don't mind being his friend or a person who he can talk too 

    btw, I have autism too 

  • Maybe change your header to 'Any computer type / gamers out there?' as a lot of usonly open pists that have headers that catch our attention.

    I do feel for your brother, and also you caring about him. It's really lovely how you've written your post.

  • What games does he play and on what platform ?  

  • I have downloaded discord multiple times know and it's the only platform on my computer that does not recognise my microphone on my headset. I have followed multiple online tutorials on youtube but nothing is working. I have tried multiple headsets, Gone into my computer's audio and mic setting and even tinkered with the discord setting within the app and nothing seems to have worked. I am very computer competent but i have no clue why its not working on my computer. i have set it up on my nephew computer and it works fine. 

    Do you and Bambi know what i am doing wrong or have any suggestions ?  

  • these oddities happen all the time -- my laptop  refuses many headset microphones   it seems to refer usb  headphones. so i plug my headphones into a usb converter  which plugs into my laptop usb and that works but it wasnt ideal.

    my laptop has its own microphones so with a headset it refuses to see the headset microphone and uses the laptop internal ones. i have never solved that issue.

    maybe Discord is more  setup for gamer head sets which have a 6.5mm jack for the headphone and one for the microphone which plug into separate holes. 

    try below just remembered something. windows 10 issue

  • try this it fixed my initial problems in certain apps not working. ie it is a security / privacy thing in windows 10

  • I play pretty much anything and everything, barring sports and racing games. I prmailry play on the three main console platforms (Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation)  Blush