Stay or go

Hi Everyone

Should I stay or go?

Sorry I keep doing this in bits , I get thoughts and they leave my mind. I struggle to remember each point.

So my wife is adament that if i leave she will be a better mum, that i wont zap her and she will have more buffer for the kids.

I stay to be a better me and work out this puzzle and get it right.

And that I'm worried if I'm not here the kids will have to deal with a angry tired mum by themselves at least Im hear to share the load of the kids, give her a break.

Am I wrong Am i too much of a problem and its better for everyone I leave and parent from a distance.

I dont want to leave my home that my parents put a a huge contribution to and I've worked huge amount hours to pay for and develop into an awesome home for kiddies

But am I being selfish and I doing what I want at the expense of hurting my wife.