KEEP CLEAR - My Adventures with Aspergers by Tom Cutler (book)

  • Um... On behalf of other/newer people on here... Thank You for this, Miss Elephant. "Just getting it out there", again, someone has to do it. We just had some Spam/post-looking-like-Spam on here, so I post to say for anyone that this here Thread *not* spam. (What with Your . Username, now). I Myself do not get as many books as I used to, so I cannot comment, apologies. This is just a Post supporting this Thread. Glad Fortune to You.

  • I might get around to reading it. I notice from the links that he associates with some people known to have a very positive outlook. Further, it strikes me that this is just the sort of book that I would probably write for myself; but most probably won't because I detect the general public is beginning to think of autism as something like BREXIT - they're totally fed up with it and will likely do the complete opposite of embrace it. In my case, that will just mean continuation of the same; but others could undoubtedly suffer from an increasingly blase public.