Maybe I am Asperger's

I no longer feel like an alien on the wrong planet ,over the past couple of years I have  seen articles on TV and radio about autism and aspergers and thought, hang on there talking about ME and after some research so much of what I have read mirrors my experience ,I have done the on line test for aspergers and had a score of 35 . I don't feel the need to get diagnosed but am looking to better understand why I seem to be this alien that just doesn't understand what the heck is going on when the rest of the population knows intuitively what's happening without a word even spoken .Love being with people as long as I know them and there is no more than 1 or 2 of them , felt utterly alone most of my life never considered myself  being autistic  I thought I was normal and everyone else was odd and I wouldn't want to change , I am quite happy being me and don't want to be "normal" . How to make friends is a complete mystery to me ,how ever friendly engaging and nice I am they always gravitate to others ,but I am not so bothered as I get older I happily accept myself as I am and am excited and intrigued to think there really are others out there like me ,I am 57 and gone thought hell for a lot of my life with social situations and work but age has its compensations and accept the way I am even possibly embrace it , so I hope to learn more about the way others experience things on here and how they compare to my own experience .