Undiagnosed Adult with suspected Asperger Syndrome.


My name is Jordan, I'm 24 years old. and I believe I have some form of autism.

I've been to my GP and they have made enquiries to get me diagnosed but there isn't a service in my area that can diagnose me which I'm disappointed at. I've been put on medication but I would like to get diagnosed so I could understand the feelings and thoughts I have. I live in the Suffolk area. I was just wondering if anyone is in the same situation or has any advice.

Thanks in advance.

  •  I'm newly diagnosed Asperger. I really hope there are some facilities in your area. Perhaps email the Society privately to ask what's available? A private diagnosis is always a route but expensive. All the very best.

  • Hi, I live in Norfolk and am currently on a long waiting list for an official diagnosis of possible Asperger syndrome. But when I first saw my GP, he was adamant that there was no referral service in the county. I accepted what he said at face value until someone on this website gave me the correct information, then I saw him again, pointed this out and got my referral. Some GP's aren't as knowledgeable about autism services in the local area as they might be.

    On which note, I have just looked for services in Suffolk online, (and I hope this is correct,) and there is an Autism Diagnostic Service listed in Suffolk, based in Stowmarket, which offers diagnostic services for those 11 years old and over (no upper age limit). You do need a referral from a GP, and I don't know what the waiting list will be like. The office hours are Mon-Fri 9-5, phone number for general enquiries is 01449 745389. Good luck.

  • I was the same as you, referred and initially got a false negative (NHS funding I expect as several others known to be the same).  

    I ended up going private and now have a formal diagnosis by someone recognised by my local Autistic Service.  Of course that is the start and I await further information on the next steps from the NHS Autistic Spectrum Service (two months now - probably bean counting again or not enough braves in the NHS).  If employed, maybe ask your Diversity/Equality champion OR Occupational Health about routes to diagnosis (company may even pay for the private assessment).