Realising what being autistic is (for me)

Since starting this journey last November, I have struggled to come to terms with a lot of my past. I have had a lot of questions and not many answers.

I keep getting told that I'm high functioning, what does that mean? Maybe i good at masking. Yes I live alone and it isn't easy. I hate the term high functioning, because I'm good at somethings and struggle with some basic things. 

The biggest thing is struggling with is communication when stressed and dealing with anxiety while waiting for the diagnosis. 

What it means to me is, finally understanding my actions and reactions 

  • hi ed

    i was researching high functioning. Turns out it is not a good term. It has no medical meaning in tat no professional should use that term. High functioning means you dont need support to get dressed. You can even be looking after yourself with a job. But high - can still occasionally have meltdowns suffer from anxiety etc and thus become low functioning. So "high functioning" ASD are people on the spectrum who are silently suffering in  the background.. Thats why the term isn't good because you are still on the spectrum, you still have traits and you therefore still need this to be taken into account by neurotypicals.

    i got very anxious on my diagnosis day i was really scared. i was in shock for a week afterwards because i couldn't believe it. communication is also one of my issues eg i cant stand smalltalk. i am ok by computer eg this.

    now i am happier in that i have a starting point.

    hope you get peace reduced anxiety and better communication :)