Cleanliness OCD is STILL bugging me

I had 16 psychology sessions on the NHS and was getting better but they finished months ago and although I'm not as bad as I used to be I'm still struggling a lot with the cleanliness OCD thoughts.

When my mum visits my flat I'm paranoid about her spilling wee on the floor in the bathroom when she uses it, or getting some on her hands and then touching other things, or not washing her hands properly and touching other things.

So when she leaves I'll often disinfect with Dettol the toilet seat, the floor near the toilet, any handles she's touched, bits of chairs she's sat in.

It's hard to relax and it upsets her too me asking her not to touch things much because of my paranoia. 

I wish I know how to stop believing I'm going to get really ill if I don't do all this.

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