Looks like its my turn to get refused PIP again on Tuesday.

I have a pip interview on Tuesday, it has come out of the blue, they rang me yesterday afternoon and sprang it on me, causing my anxiety to go into overload.

I attended one a couple of years ago, at the time I didn't have a formal diagnosis, but I had been referred and was on a lot of medication for anxiety, I thought it was going ok, until the part about washing and changing clothes came up, at which point I said it wasn't really a priority of mine, the assessor became very judgemental and raised her voice saying "Do you think its acceptable to walk around dirty then?" and similar.

Then near the end of the interview, the assessor made a comment about me being cured, at which point, my partner pointed out there was no cure, the assessor, who clearly had no idea about autism whatsoever, quickly tried to cover up her mistake up by saying "To be fair, there isn't" and looked extremely embarrassed.

It was at this point, I asked her what field of medicine she was in, and she stated she was a nurse. I realised at that point there was no point in continuing, but, as the interview was coming to an end, I went through the motions.

I received a copy of the report a couple of weeks later, and although I did receive a couple of points, most of if was just a load of rubbish, I didn't appeal, due to not having a formal diagnosis, and my anxiety.

I had told the assessor that I had worked all my adult life in the same job, at one point becoming a manager, until the anxiety became really bad 7 or 8 years ago, and I was at that point put on to a simple warehouse duties by myself, due to having an understanding employer, who had made allowances, incredibly  the fact that I had worked for 30 years went against me.

Now I have a diagnosis, I am on the highest prescribed medication for anxiety and diazepam to be taken as and when I need it.

My assessment is at the same centre as it was before, and I know the same assessor still works there, although there are others.

 So basically it looks like I will be seeing the DWP in court this time. Any advice would be appreciated.