Relationship chnage and autism I would need some advice

Hy to everyone here.. Im Nina and im new here. Im In a relationship with a very great man since nearly 3 years.. 

He seemed very quircky and lovely and he took me as i was.. We were in a long distance relationship for about two years.. He lives in a small flat.. But last years end we decided to try to move in together.. So i moved to him.. He warned me from the beginning it would be to small for two and he needs his space.. But as we ladys think love conkers all and it will be ok somehow... 

Well what i had to deal with where a few meltdown and him getting very distant and withdrawn and not opening up.. Many issues I did discover and let's say the real him wich i still love to bits.. I tried to give him space and make it work by doing every little thing.. And it just got worst... And he finally was diagnosed with autism asperger specifically... He still doesn't accept it. But he says it is how he is whatsoever they call it.. Well there was two years that person wich was very loving and affectionated and now he became a withdrawn scared person wich doesn't seem to like physical contact very much.. He said it is just due to the living situation we are in. So i decide to move back home.for the sace of this relationship.. He is a very nice and caring guy and I wouldn't want to miss him in my life.. So i will be back home Save some more until we can affort a proper space. 

When we discussed it he said he liked beeing with me but in that space it is not bearable for us 2..he is working a lot. Doing his master and had to deal with me.. 

I just thought if I go back I somehow can safe the relationship befor I ruin it completely.. And i just want to know if there is a chance that he will be kind of like befor again.. More I hope it will be.. I know a lot happened.. And the way he is now.. Might also be the real him.. He has now certain ways. He doesnt like full hugs as it seems. And when he kisses you he doesn't really want to hug.. Or the other way around.. Im so confused.. Because he was so close always and now seems so far like a distant and other person. 

Sorry for the long story