Hi all, I was told I would need to go private if I want diagnosis. I cant afford this and want to know why I am the way I am. I'm considering saving to go private. 

I usually score high on those online tests.

I was told my son was autistic at the age of 3 years old. All through school I'd come up with strategies to help him cope that schools hadent thought of. I was a single mum with no family help for most of his time growing up which was hard. 

He was a handful but I felt I could understand him more than anyone else. (For example pressure type hugs when he was overwhelmed or breaks away from school at lunch time but I thought everyone should know and understand his needs).

A quick bit about my childhood, i always thought i was adopted, one day a family would arrive and say we're taking you home and I'd fit in and finally belong! 

At primary school I spent lunches walking around the playground holding the dinner ladies hand, wouldn't use the toilets as they smelt so I'd wet myself until age 11. Wouldn't eat lunch as the lunch hall smelt weird and was too much.

High school I found aplace to hide on my own around the back of the school. 

I'd always tried making friends but didnt understand why I couldn't or why people said things they didnt mean. I'd be too generous and honest which lead to me being taken advantage of way into my twenties.

I've had people say I have no expression and my voice is the same with no expression. So I've practiced and now my husband says I use my eyebrows too much! 

I hang up on people or talk over them as I find phones tricky

I hate eye contact, someone made me so uncomfortable recently as he kept trying to stare into my eyes everytime I looked away.

I have to think about what i need to say and often write scripts to help me especially if I'm on the phone. I used this in my last job but my manager yelled at me to hurry up and make the calls. 

I've been told by many people I'm naive. I've also been told I come across stuck up, I also say things that cause offence (I honestly dont mean to), 

I tried taking my life once and looking back at it with my gp she wondered if it was a meltdown. 

Due to my possible meltdown I still get called mental by my inlaws which upsets me greatly.

Loud places are uncomfortable to my ears.i cant hear if someones talking to me as all I can hear are people scraping cutlery, chairs scraping, doors closing etc 

At night I can hear the noise of the fridge, freezer etc even though their behind another door downstairs and it bugs me that I cant sleep easily

I'm straight forward with people and try to be tactful but fail alot. 

I'm super clumsy, I get injured so much. 

I had OCD as a child 

I feel I'm born out of era maybe, I love the 1940s 

I get obsessed with plants so much that all I think about is gardening related, watch shows, read, forums and spare time gardening/growing/allotment.

I cant think of anything else right now. It's just annoying I cant get a yes or no. I want to know why I'm so different.

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