Why do people without autism exclude people?

Why do people without autism exclude people on the spectrum? has anyone read a book or found any information about it? For example I understandard that they leave people out because they think that an autistic person is different to them and ignorance what are the other reasons for leaving them out? How can I find a way for them to accept me? 

  • I don't think it's so much that they are looking to leave someone out as find people with things in common with them. Unfortunately people with autism are often quite unique so regularly don't have things in common with others.

    It isn't just those without autism that leave people out though. Autistic people can do this too, I'd assume for similar reasons.

    People aren't going to like everyone and friendship groups can be good.

    Having said all this sometimes people just need to take more time to get to know others before making judgement and think about how excluding someone from something can make them feel.

  • Not many Neurotypical people like people like others who are outside the “norm” like autistic people. That’s why I prefer to talk to people with neurological conditions like me.