Going around in circles

I have just accepted a new job. This will be my 7th new job in 5 years. I start out all energetic and raring to go, but in a few months I get bogged down, frustrated, tired, distraught. Then I think the only way to solve it is to start again. How to I break this circle? How do you stay in the same job over a long time? I realise that I'm making my own problems really because the act of starting a new job is so stressful in itself but I really want to make this new job work. I don't think I can cope if it all goes wrong again. 

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  • I used to have grand ideas about changing the world but now I wonder what the point of it all is.

    Haha!  Me, too.  I always wanted to write a best-selling novel.  Now, when I look at some of the best-sellers, I know I'd never want to write anything like that!  Money's not really my motivation, either.  The more you have, the more you need.  At least, at the level of income I'm on, I'm used to living cheaply.  I can't really go any further down the income scale.  Whereas if I'd been used to a high income, I'd be really struggling on what I get now.

    I'm happy, too, sitting at home with my cat.  Writing my unsaleable stories...