Wait time to hear something after GP referral

Hi all, does anyone know roughly how long it might take from when my GP referred me to when I hear something? Am I correct in assuming that there should be some kind of letter acknowledging the referral at some point? I know I'm probably being a bit impatient seeing as according to the receptionist at the GP surgery my referral was sent on the 18th of Jan but I have others (Shaw Trust - I've been on the Work and Health Programme since March 2018 and the ASD penny only dropped for me in November after struggling all year) that are encouraging me to keep chasing up at my GP where I am and I really don't want to make a nuisance of myself. I was hoping people might share how long they had to wait as an adult before they had some kind of initial confirmation after their GP had sent their referral as I'm finding this being in limbo stage quite difficult.

Thanks for reading

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