Anger issues with autism

Hello everybody 

I have autism and I get angry a lot does anyone else experience getting angry a lot for no good reason. 

Feed back would be good 


  • Hi there,

    You say for no good reason... but if you sit down and think about it, it could well be something quite small that's triggering you each time.  I get unconscionable degrees of anger through the simplest of things.  Often if it's about being clumsy or foolish. It especially happens if I do something that, whilst small, can delay my rhythm in some way.  If I'm at the bottom of the stairs hoovering and I pull the cleaner a bit too hard so that the plug comes out at the top of the stairs and I have to go up and plug it in again... that'll get me shouting with rage.  Or dropping a buttered knife on the floor.  Nothing very much, but is sends my anger right up the scale.  Running into a traffic jam that'll delay me even by as little as a couple of minutes - and even though it won't make me late, anyway.  Getting lost when driving is the worst.  That can really bring out the rage.

    They seem like minor inconveniences a lot of the time.  But to me, they're a very big deal.

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