Office noise again

So, I'm really struggling with distracting noise at work. Any and all conversations within about a 10m radius of my desk tumble into my ears and, worse, brain. I have no filter. It's an open plan office.

Recently we all moved desks which was supposed to help, but has made things worse. I'm within 5m of people who are often on the phone and loud when they are, and who all have people popping by their desks to "chat" which turns into a long conversation, often with the "guest" standing up. 

I've started using Bose QC20 noise cancelling, plus white noise / music, but even my own music gets wearing after a few hours and I have to turn it off if *I* need to be on the phone. Then it gets quite awkward to manage my own voice that I can't hear naturally due to the noise cancellers & I'm constantly going on and off mute.

Of course lots of suggestions come along like "just book a room!" but the rooms are all different, different temperatures, different suites of old & knackered IT so you end up with a half-working network connection and worse monitor than the one on your desk just for the sake of getting away from your noisy neighbours. I'm trying to explain that going to a meeting room is bad for my effectiveness and, more importantly, my mental health. Plus you can't always get one, and it's not really efficient to spend 10 minutes getting set up in a room for a 15 minute call. OK that might be a bit of an excuse and the change of scene might do me good, but I feel annoyed that I can't work at my comfy desk.

I'm seeing if I can find a desk in a quieter area that I could propose, and I'm liaising with the office manager to send out a reminder email reminding people to be considerate in the open office space..............


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